The Truth Behind the Label

Posted on 25 January 2018

Knowing How to Maintain an Honest Vegan Lifestyle

Illiteracy is what many companies rely on to sneak animal by-products into a multitude of otherwise vegan products. In fact, many companies hope that users fail to recognize ingredients that should raise red flags. Products that are designed to mimic organic or vegan ideals must be researched to make sure they actually are real vegan items. Some margarine products, for example, advertise themselves as dairy-free while including casein which is the main protein found in milk. These companies rely on people either not reading labels, or not understanding what is being read. While there are shops devoted to veganism and many honest manufacturers, the best line of defense is old-fashioned personal education.

Avoiding the Tricky Wording

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At this time, there are some industries that cannot avoid using animal products. However, food and personal care items are not among those industries. Being organic and vegan means knowing how to find true organic products. Reading the label is the first and most important step in working toward a cruelty-free world. It only takes a few moments to review a label and choose the right food or beauty vegan product over the quick, convenient one. Avoid chemical-laden hair productsOpens in a new window and skin brands which are terrible for both your body and the planet and opt instead for plant-based skin care or coconut oil conditioners. This includes organic products as well.

Any product that looks like a good choice must be reviewed before purchasing. Use a smartphone to look up any unfamiliar ingredients, or write them down to look up at home. Don’t be afraid to call the company to ask for clarification as necessary. Keep track of ingredients that don’t work with the vegan lifestyle. Eventually, these ingredients will stand out on all product labels, and href=”” target=”_blank”>finding better vegan productsOpens in a new window will get easier.

Building an Arsenal

As label reading gets easier, finding trusted products also becomes easier. A true vegan will soon have a list of products that truly do not use animal products in any form. However, it is important to remain diligent, avoiding grab-and-go shopping. Companies that were once completely vegan may change product lists without warning. Remember to periodically review all labelsOpens in a new window. A label that reads “organic” may not necessarily be completely organic. Also remember that all plant-based material is completely cholesterol free, so any product listing cholesterol content includes animal by-products of some sort. Also, glycerin can be plant or animal derived, so call the company to find out the true source of their glycerin ingredient.

Buying complete vegan food and beauty products may take some work, but the end result is a home full of cruelty-free products from trusted companiesOpens in a new window.

Being a cruelty-free household may take some work, but it is worth it to know the products are devoted to the vegan cause. Animal cruelty must be taken seriously, and purchasing only real vegan products will send a message of kindness.

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