New website: Vegan Food Is Everywhere

Posted on 27 July 2013

Here is a new vegan website initiative from a husband/wife team who are are long time animal rights activists and vegans living in Toronto, Canada. They created a website for vegans and the vegan-curious that might be useful to vegans when travelling.

It’s (probably) the world’s first vegan food spotting website. Their goal is to put every vegan dish, at every restaurant in the world, on the Google map. Over 2,000 vegan dishes have been mapped so far, including some in Canada, United States, Australia, Scotland, China, France, Singapore, England, Norway, and India. New dishes are being added by the community every day, and they are building new features for the website.

Take a look at Vegan Food Is Everywhere. This can grow into an amazing tool for vegans everywhere, but they need help adding dishes (especially in Africa and South Africa!) and spreading the word! Together, we can debunk the myth that it’s difficult to dine out as a vegan.


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