The Green Vegan – eco re-using tips part 2

Posted on 21 May 2012

… a regular eco-friendly feature by Terri Morris

Yes I recycle, but I also reuse. After my last feature I looked around my home and realised that there are more ideas I can share on how to reuse things, so here they are …


Re-using glass jars in your kitchen - photo by Terri MorrisWash your coffee, sauce or other jars and peel the labels and use them to store anything from tea bags, lentils, pencils, string, coins – just about anything can be stored in a glass jar.

If you get ones that “fit together” they can be a nice space saver too. I have my 12 favourite teas in old coffee jars – clip the name of the tea from its original cardboard packaging and display through the jar.

Wine bottles

Use rinsed wine bottles as dinner candle holders at your next party, a standard taper “Price’s” candle fits
perfectly and who cares if the wax drips on it? Then you can layer different colour waxes for a pretty effect
and when your done scrape off wax and recycle the bottle with the rest of your glass.

Re-using glass bottles - photo by Terri Morris

Glass bottles – other ideas

Do you have flowers blooming in your garden? Why not make yourself a bouquet and display them in a jar or bottle instead of a vase – a lovely rustic effect makes it more homey. Or buy a bunch of flowers and display one in a bottle of various heights throughout your home?

More green tips coming soon.


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