UK to ban circus animals

Posted on 24 June 2011

“Yesterday was a truly historic moment for animals … yesterday saw Parliament finally pledge to ban the use of wild animals in circuses once and for all.

All over the media – including the BBC, Guardian, Independent, Channel 4, Daily Mail, and Sky News – the public are celebrating the beginning of the end of a disgraceful practice that has outraged millions since Animal Defenders International (ADI) exposed the horrific abuse of animals in 1992 and at Chipperfield’s circus in 1998.

Over 10 years later, and following more groundbreaking ADI investigations into UK circuses – including the tragic footage of Anne the elephant being savagely beaten this year – politicians have decided enough is enough and they have forced the government to take action.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our supporters, we can now look forward to a future where there are no longer wild animals languishing in UK circuses.

Now we must ensure that this pledge is turned into a reality. We must make sure that every wild animal currently suffering in UK circuses has freedom in their sights.

The Coalition Government now has to listen to the will of Members of Parliament and propose legislation for a ban. This legislation will still have some hurdles to jump through the process, and we have to be there to make it happen.”

Source: Jan Creamer, ADI Chief Executive


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