Human or animal – who would you help?

Posted on 26 August 2010

Human rights are protected by law, to lesser or greater extents, in all societies around the world.

Additionally, it is now accepted by most scientists that human moral behaviour has developed from prehistoric times, when our less evolved ‘forefathers’ lived in social groups and developed bahavioural patterns that best allowed them to succeed in their own clans, i.e. helping out other members of their group often lead to later and reciprocal rewards.

Given the above 2 factors, what would you do in the following scenario:

– You see a man out walking his dog down a busy street. You see him about to cross the road and he clearly hasn’t seen the car rapidly approaching. It seems that unless you act then both will surely be killed by the rushing car. But you can only reach one or the other – dog or human. Which one would you save, and why?

– If you had chosen to save the dog, would you then be guilty of a crime punishable by law?

Question posed by Sheldon Hey

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One Comment

  1. Kathy says:

    I will always help the human as God holds people in higher esteem than animals, yet He expects us to treat our animals well!