Test tube and slaughter-free meat and eggs

Posted on 27 July 2010

1. How do you feel about synthetic meat and what are your views on testtube burgers?

Meat that’s grown in a lab might be the next new craze … “eat without guilt”, but at what cost? When will we know the side effects of lab-grown meat and would you try it (assuming animal cells can be ‘harvested’ in an ethical way)?

2. If you kept chickens and they left unfertilised eggs at your kitchen door would you eat them? My boss keeps chickens and one hen secretly lays eggs which she protects (my boss cannot eat them) and will lay another egg in my bosses bedroom almost as if to say “here you go you can have this one, but not my precious ones hidden beneath the bush” ~ would you eat them?

3. Would you eat an animal if it died of natural causes and lived a healthy natural life? If you would then could you prepare the meat or would you only consume it if someone else cuts it and nicely presents the flesh on a platter, bone- and skin- free?

What are your views on “alternative” meat?

Questions kindly posed by Lesleigh Harnwell

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