New Vegan SA volunteer for East Rand

Posted on 26 July 2010

A warm welcome to Francois Henning, our latest volunteer. Francois will be managing our directory listings for East Rand. This will be a very useful step forward for our directory since we currently have no listings at all for that region of Gauteng.

Francois lives and works in the local area and already knows of many helpful shops, so hopefully we can start to see some new listings for the East Rand fairly shortly.

Francois became vegan in early 2007, after spending almost 5 years debating the pros and cons of being vegan. In high school his best friend was vegan. Her absolute conviction for the cause of animals and the realization that it only takes one person to make an impact is what compelled him to convert to veganism. He supports the view that animal farming has an absolutely devastating effect on the earth. “There are more effective and intelligent lifestyles than eating flesh”.

He’s the only vegan in his family and often has to fend for himself therefore he advocates for veganism in South Africa. He wants to make sure that no vegan ever again has to make do with less than good, simply because they choose to live responsibly.

Francois loves cooking and trying out new and exiting recipes. He admits that he’s no chef, but can serve up a mean meal. All things sugary are his worst vice. “If I knew that vegan chocolate tastes this good, I would have converted a lot sooner”. His favourite foods are avocado and potatoes.

He is currently working in the cosmetic industry as a financial accountant.


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  1. Lucille says:

    Finally!! Thank you Francois :)